I am an action sports photographer from the Western Germany, and since 2015, I have been fully embracing my passion. As a dedicated downhill mountain biker, I have combined my love for the sport with my passion for photography, leading me on the path of becoming an action sports photographer.

My specialization lies in journalism, events, and sports. I love capturing the perfect moment, whether it’s in thrilling competitions, adrenaline-pumping trails, or captivating events. My camera is always ready to capture the action and bring the emotions to life in my images.

I am not just an action sports photographer; I am also an active participant. I am not afraid to get down and dirty for the perfect shot. Whether it’s leaping into the mud, climbing rocky paths, or positioning myself amidst the action, I enjoy pushing my limits to capture the best shots.

With my years of experience, I have learned how to capture the dynamics and energy of action sports in my photographs. My goal is to inspire viewers to get active and experience the fascination of the sport firsthand.

On my website, you will find a selection of my best works. Dive into the world of action sports and be enchanted by the exhilarating moments. If you’re looking for a photographer to document your sports event or accompany you on your own action sports adventures, I am here with passion and creativity.

Contact me for more information or to discuss collaboration opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you and creating unforgettable images together.

Your action sports photographer – since 2015.


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